२०८१ वैशाख ७, शुक्रवार , ०२:३०:४१ बजे


Weather Forecast: More rain likely from Monday

आइतवार, असार ३१, २०८०

KATHMANDU: Light rain is occurring in one or two places of Koshi, Bagmati and Lumbini provinces due to the influence of the monsoon currently active in the country, according to the weather forecast division of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

According to Sanjeev Adhikari, meteorologist of the division, there will be relatively more monsoon-induced rains next Monday and Tuesday. Monsoon is normal today and tomorrow. There is a possibility of more rain on Monday and Tuesday compared to Saturday and Sunday, he said.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility of light rain in the federal capital Kathmandu tonight and moderate rain is expected tomorrow afternoon. There is also a possibility of light to moderate rain in a few places of all the provinces, with partial to moderate showers across the country tonight, says the weather forecast bulletin issued by the department this evening.

Likewise, there is a chance of light to moderate rain at a few places in Madhesh province. Heavy rain with thunder and lightning is also possible at one or two places in Koshi, Bagmati and Gandaki provinces.

According to the latest information from the department, the maximum rainfall of 155 mm has been measured in Pokhara.


आइतवार, असार ३१, २०८० | English, Weather

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