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111 inmates suffer from different diseases in Chitwan jail

शुक्रवार, मंसिर २९, २०८०

CHITWAN : Of the total 717 jailbirds in Chitwan prison, 111 are found to have suffered from different diseases.

The officials at the prison office shared that more than half of the patients are suffering from high blood pressure.

Kamal Prasad Acharya, chief of the prison house, said that the number of the patients in Chitwan jail is on the rise. This is also due to the arrival of the jailbirds from other districts for treatment. The inmates from Nawalparasi, Dhading, Gorkha, Makawanpur and other neighbouring countries are taken here for their medical treatment, Acharya shared.

Currently, 26 diabetes patients and four people living with HIV are doing their jail time in Chitwan.

Likewise, there are three thyroid patients, four heart patients, for epilepsy patients and five mental patients.

The Chitwan prison house is overcrowded as well since more than 200 inmates are housed than the jail’s capacity.

The jail administration also shared that the officials have faced difficulties for the treatment of the jailbirds for lack of sufficient budget. “We are taking support from donors for the treatment of jailbirds for lack of budget to purchase medicines,” Acharya shared.


शुक्रवार, मंसिर २९, २०८० | English

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