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17 people died in road accidents in Tihar in Sudurpaschim

शनिवार, मंसिर २, २०८०

KAILALI : During the Tihar festival, a total of 17 people died in road accidents in Sudurpaschim Province. According to Nepal Police Highway Safety and Traffic Management Office, Attariya, 17 people died in road accidents at various places in Sudurpaschim during the Tihar festival.

Between October 29 and November 16, the province witnessed a total of 22 road accidents, resulting in 17 fatalities and 54 injuries. During Tihar, authorities took action against 4,123 vehicles across the state, collecting fines amounting to Rs 2,681,000.

Comparatively, data reveals that the number of fatalities during Tihar is twice as high as those during the Dashain festival period. In the span from Ghatasthapana to Purnima during Tihar, nine individuals lost their lives, and 11 sustained injuries.

Nine people died and 11 people were injured in the accidents from Ghatasthapana to Purnima. Among the nine districts of Sudurpaschim, Kailali had the highest number of road accidents during the Dashain festival.

There were 10 accidents in Kailali. Five people died in these incidents. One person each died in Dadeldhura, Acham, Bajhang and Bajura.

In the previous year, during the Dashain and Tihar period, eight fatalities were reported in road accidents in Sudurpaschim Province. It seems that the rate of death in road accidents during Dashain-Tihar has increased this year compared to last year.

शनिवार, मंसिर २, २०८० | English

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