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Air service agreement signed between Nepal and Switzerland

आइतवार, माघ २८, २०८०

KATHMANDU: An Air Service Agreement (ASA) has been signed between Nepal and the European country Switzerland.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), the agreement was recently signed between the government of Nepal and the government of Switzerland.

Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane, chief of the Civil Aviation Division of the MoCTCA, said that there is an air service agreement between the two countries for 28 flights a week. According to him, at most 14 of those flights will fly to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and the rest to Gautam Buddha International Airport and Pokhara Regional International Airport.

In the bilateral air agreement, the airlines of both the countries are scheduled to fly.

“At present, two airlines have been designated. But there is a provision that airlines can be added according to the need. The provision of ‘third country code share’ to fly to third countries is also mentioned in the agreement,” said Joint Secretary Lamichhane.

The number of countries with which Nepal has bilateral air service agreements has reached 42. Earlier, a bilateral air service agreement was signed between the government of Nepal and the government of Rwanda on December 5. According to the MoCTCA, the process for such bilateral air service agreements with some other countries is progressing.

Nepal prepares to sign similar agreement with Indonesia

The government is also preparing to sig a bilateral air service agreement with Indonesia, a Middle East Asian country. Lamichhane said that the air agreement is being coordinated with Indonesia as well. Similarly, the ministry said that the air service agreement is being discussed with other countries including Russia.


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