२०८० फागुन २०, आइतवार , ०७:११:२९ बजे


Madhesh Province marking 6th Sacrifice Day today

शुक्रवार, माघ ५, २०८०

JANAKPURDHAM : The 6th Sacrifice Day is being marked in Madhesh Province today, commemorating the completion of 17 years of the Madhesh Movement for the cause of federalism and inclusion.

The Madhesh Province Government and Madhesh-centric political parties mark this day (Magh 5) as the Sacrifice Day to commemorate the martyrdom of Ramesh Mahato, who was killed during a protest at Lahan of Siraha on this day. Mahato was a student at Little Star Boarding School based in Lahan.

The then Madheshi People’s Rights Forum had led the movement in Madhesh expressing its serious reservation over the exclusion of federalism and inclusiveness in the Interim Constitution issued after the success of People’s Movement-II.

The 21-day-long Madhesh Movement was postponed after the agreement with the government to address the demands of the protestors.

The sympathizers of the Madhesh Movement also call it ‘Madhesh resurrection’.

On the occasion of Madheshh Sacrifice Day, the Madhesh Province Government has announced a public holiday today.


शुक्रवार, माघ ५, २०८० | English

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