Patients satisfied with the service of Purwanchal Cancer Hospital Birtamod

August 11, 2020 7:10 am

Jhapa: Many Government and private hospitals are runing for cancer treatment at nativeland and abroad. Wealthy families can afford to go abroad for treatment. However, those who do not have access and those who have normal economic status still have to die without treatment due to poverty. Many people have not been able to diagnose the disease due to lack of quality laboratory and efficient technology.

Durga prasad prasai, executive director of B & C Hospital Birtamod, who has experienced similar backgrounds, has built a separate cancer hospital on the B & C premises for the convenience of the public. Executive director Prasai said that he envisioned the Eastern Cancer Hospital after he himself became a victim of throat cancer.


It has been seven months now since prasai realized his vision and started the Eastern Cancer Hospital, which started operating on January 1, 2020, has tested more than 1700 cancer patients in a short span of 7 months. According to Dr. Birendra Yadav, Medical Director and cancer specialist of the hospital, cancer patients from the Western part of Nepal have also started coming here from India for treatment.

The number of people coming here for treatment from different parts of Nepal is increasing after getting information about cancer hospital. According to Dr. Yadav , cancer patients from India have also started coming here for treatment and follow-up.

High-tech machine, due to lack of laboratory and manpower, some people have to lose their lives prematurely. Medical director Dr. Yadav says that a team of skilled and experienced doctors has been providing quality services since the Purwanchal cancer hospital come into operation. Dr. Yadav claims that the this hospital is winning the trust of all because of the technology used in laboratory and skillful doctors.

Rachna Shahi was treated for a tumor near her 17 months old daughters eye at this hospital. Coming from Kailali district, she told that she ran to many places and there was no treatment. She was brought to the hospital and treated for three months. Now her daughter is well.

Many patients are being treated in hospital beds with the hope and faith of getting rid of cancer. A women from Kanchanpur, who has been undergoing treatment for cancer since last Asar, was also shocked to be able to return home after overcoming cancer. Her son, who come for mothers treatment, said that he received good services from the hospital, facilities, doctors and nurses.

Rakesh Raj Tamrakar of Dharan was diagnosed with cancer at Rajiv Gandhi hospital in India. But he is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Purwanchal cancer hospital. He says that if there were hospitals with such facilities in different parts of Nepal. Nepalise would not have to go abroad . That would get rid of the hassle.

Rama Limbu of Sankhuwasabha also says that after hearing about this hospital, she is taking the same mother for treatment.

Cancer can afford any part of the human body. It is also a chronic disease. The human body is made up of tiny cells cancer is problem that occurs when cells grow uncontrollably during cell development or when cells are produced.

Doctors say cancer is on the rise in many people due to advancing age, tobacco use, unhealthy diet, lack of physical exercise and busy lifestyles. We have again asked Medical Director Dr. Yadav to analyze the types of cancer patients who come for treatment during the seven months of operation of this hospital.

The Purwanchal cancer hospital has started providing services, which has brought great relief to the cancer patients. Some dying patients have found new life after receiving services from a well equipped hospital.

As they are in eastern Nepal, even the impoverished families here have to go to India for cancer treatment. The service of cancer hospital in Jhapa has won the hearts of some today. Now many cancer patients will surely be able to smile from heart like the slogan of the hospital.

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