Who is Responsible Contractor or Builders ?

July 26, 2018 8:33 pm

Budhabare: The newely built road connection Charpane-Narayan Chowk-Jaypur has been hit by the dissatisfaction and severe complaints of the locals regarding its low quality construction.

Not long after the construction, the road turned into patches in many places and local tried to put their complaints to the stakeholders but in response they got minor repair in the patches.

‘On Tuesday when the representatives of Consumer Welfare Protection Front went for the evaluation, the locals were bitterly complaining about the quality of the construction’ said the president of the front, Dharanidhar Pokhrel.

The team went for the field visit in the Buddhashanti Rural Municipality area.

During the field inspection the road has been found damaged because of the use of the low quality materials. Locals Ganesh Prasad Niroula, Ananta Narayan Shrestha, Thakur Narayan Shrestha, Shakuntala Bhattarai, Sitaram Gautam, Ram Kumar Gautam and others complained that the road has not been built to meet the standard.

‘There is no any quality of the newly built road’, said Shankuntala Bhattrai. ‘Within few days of the construction the roadway started to wear off and the contractors hustled and repaired the patches’, she added.

Similarly, Sitaram Gautam, the other local said, ‘looking at the plight of the road, in some places you can even pull out the pitch manually.’ He even showed that to the inspection team.

The locals also informed that they have been regularly complaining about the low quality construction from the very beginning however no stakeholders addressed their complaint. Furthermore, when they put complaint to the construction company then the company promised that they would make a model road of Jhapa and they would repair it if it wears off within a year.

The inspection team easily concluded that the quality of the pitch is very low because in many places when they parked their bike, even the bike stand crushed the pitched downwards and damaged the pitch.

The representatives of Consumer Welfare Protection Font Buddhashanti including the president, secretary Bedhnidhi Neupane, deputy secretary Tirtharaj Poudel, treasurer Devkuamri Sherma, member Khadananda Wagle, Manoratha Tiwari, Laxmi Subedi and others went for the inspection after the growing complaints about the quality of the road construction.

          July 26, 2018 8:33 pm | English

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