Mechi zonal Hospital Fails to be Patient-Friendly

July 6, 2018 11:24 am

Bhadrapur : Mechi zonal Hospital has failed to be patient-friendly because of the managerial weakness leading patient to swarm into the private hospitals for treatment.

It is because of the failure of medical superintendent to mobilize the medical officers and other health personnel compelling the patient to opt private hospitals for treatment.

There has been this problem after the health insurance facility enabled patients to visit the prescribed hospitals for free health treatment. Because of the high flow of patients, medical specialists tend to be untimely in their respective rooms and they have started showing unfriendly and uncooperative attitude towards the patients thus compelling patients to visit private clinics.

The patients often complain that they have been losing their faith in the government hospitals. The insured patients often complain about the unnecessary charges taken by the pharmacy in the hospital.

The hospital once was able to establish itself as the hospital of the needy people has now changed due to the negligence of the medical personnel as they do not follow any government norms that bind them in their arrival and departure time.

Speaking on this issue the campaigner of ‘Save Mechi zonal Hospital’ Rudra Niroula said. ‘The major problem that Mechi Hospital is losing the faith of people is because of the managerial weaknesses after government introduced health insurance.’

Niroula further urged the leaders to mitigate the internal conflict and not to play with the public health.

Whereas the superintendent of Hospital, Dr. Pitamber Thakur claims that there has been patient friendly environment at the hospital and he is always committed to rectify any problems or weakness that arise in the hospital.

          July 6, 2018 11:24 am | English

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