२०८० असोज १०, बुधवार , ०१:२२:३६ बजे


One arrested on charge of online fraud

शुक्रवार, भदौ २२, २०८०

KATHMANDU : The police have arrested a person on the charge of defrauding Rs 1,095,500 by sending fake ‘receipts’ online. The arrested person is Sushan Ghimire, 22, who hails from Lalitpur Godavari Municipality-7 and currently lives in Kathmandu Gothatar, said Superintendent of Police (SP) Rabindra Regmi, spokesperson for the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, Minbhawan.

According to SP Regmi, it was found that Ghimire, who was arrested, was involved in cheating the victims by sending fake receipts on the social network Instagram for selling various designs of jewelry and other goods through an online platform.

Spokesperson SP Regmi said that Ghimire, who was arrested, has been sent to the District Police Range, Teku for further investigation and further legal action for fraud-related offenses.


शुक्रवार, भदौ २२, २०८० | English

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